The Alternative

PCL Group is NOT a traditional bank...

● Unlike a traditional bank, PCL Group loans strictly on the asset our clients provide.

● We hold that asset as collateral in a secure and insured manner for the client for the life of the active loan.

● Because we secure the collateral, we don’t require credit
checks, tax returns, job verification, or personal references
like traditional banks do.

PCL Group is NOT a traditional pawn shop...

● Because PCL Group is a bona-fide collateral lender, we
are required by law to maintain a pawn license.

● The similarity ends there, however. PCL Group operates
by appointment only in an upscale and private

● Book an appointment and experience what we mean when we say we are the “alternative lender.”

Our History


Robbie Whitten and his father decided to start a business purchasing scrap gold.

The father-son duo assembled seventeen teams to scour the US.  The teams would rent rooms and advertise in
local classified ads and periodicals weeks before their arrival in hopes of attracting potential

The first undertaking was a major success, as individuals from all walks of life lined
up bringing their old class rings, broken or damaged necklaces, unused family jewelry, and
various other items.

Robbie and his father decided to rent a small storefront and bought two showcases to display the items that they did not want to meltdown. This marked their entry into the pawn and jewelry business….the Money Mizer brand was born.

Over the course of forty years and seven more Money Mizer locations, Robbie created a niche for loaning on high-end, luxury items.

He noticed that these customers preferred to make an appointment to meet one-on-one away from the crowded pawn counter and conduct the transaction in a private and discreet manner.

These customers were business owners, young entrepreneurs, and family estate executors–all who had assets on hand and needed a quick
loan, but who also didn’t have time for the red tape associated with the traditional banking system.

Likewise, they didn’t want to wait at the regular pawn counter holding their Rolex watch, gold bullion, or diamond ring.

Robbie saw an opportunity to service the high-end pawn market with an appointment-only alternative.

Premier Collateral Lending Group (PCL Group) was the answer……